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Workforce Lifecycle Analytics

The mission of Workforce Lifecycle Analytics is to give businesses strategic data-driven human capital analyses typically provided by large corporate consultancies but with a customized fit and scalable solutions.

Using predictive talent analytics, we provide the sophistication of a full-service big-box firm with the agility, personal touch, and scalability of a personal consultancy.

Overall, we will take your company from a reactive talent management stance to a progressive and proactive talent strategy that drives your business and impacts your bottom line. So, what do you have to lose?


Workforce Lifecycle Analytics Talent Management Offerings

Talent Management

Invest in data-driven personnel decisions that reach every moment of your workforce’s lifecycle.

Workforce Lifecycle Analytics Employee Listening Surveys


Listen to every employee and develop data driven actionable plans.

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Developing your organization, like cultivating an acorn into a strong oak, for instance, is important to your company’s future. Therefore, partnering with Workforce Lifecycle Analytics will enable your organization to grow strong and develop through your people to withstand the challenges your organization will face. As a result, your bottom line will grow as your employees grow.

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Still not sure if WLA is right for you? You should view our internal resources to see what makes us tick.

So, you’re into IO psychology? Firstly, we periodically create summaries of our favorite research publications. Secondly, we compiled a list of external resources that you might find useful. For instance, you’ll find links to the SHRM and SIOP websites, which we frequent.

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So, you’re into data-science? We also publish monthly content based on our own insights and research. We recently published an article on the military’s use of employee selection, for instance. Feel free to browse, however, be warned- you might learn something new!

Finally, if you’re looking to partner on research, feel free to reach out. We also love to work with other companies on research.