About Workforce Lifecycle Analytics

Workforce Lifecycle Analytics supports partner organizations in two ways; through individual assessment and through aggregate assessment and listening strategies.

TALENT – First, Workforce Lifecycle Analytics partners with organizations to support them in becoming better and more productive through their workforce.

Workforce Lifecycle Analytics helps match the right person for the right job, ensuring better employee performance through scientifically validated selection methods. Similarly, provide an avenue for employee development to further cultivate the current workforce (from individual contributor to executive). We provide the insight needed to make strategic and data driven talent management decisions through the use of our in-house predictive analysis methodology.

LISTENING – Second, WLA supports organizations to keep their finger on the pulse of their organization through various listening strategies.

We partner with our clients to gather feedback across the workforce lifecycle and various inflection points from entry to exit. We can inform leaders and shine light on various blind spots to make the organization a more fulfilling place to work and in return, more productive.

Workforce Lifecycle Analytics Leadership

Head shot of Brandon Jordan - Founder of Workforce Lifecycle Analytics

Brandon Jordan


As founder of WLA, Brandon leverages his experience in talent and organizational development to help businesses grow. Prior to WLA, Brandon worked for Willis Towers Watson, IBM, Kenexa, and Batrus Hollweg Intl. Brandon has a BA in Psychology from the University of North Texas and an MA in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from the University of Tulsa.

Chris Wright


Chris is an entrepreneur, investor and the co-founder of multiple technology start-ups. He has consulted with a wide variety of Fortune 1000 companies, agencies, non-profit and academic institutions. Chris received his BA in Psychology and his Ph.D., I/O Psychology from The University of Tulsa, where he is also faculty.

Head shot of Chris Wright
Head shot of Katie Packell

Katie Packell


Katie leverages her expertise in the design, measurement, and analysis of employee assessments and organizational surveys, and regularly facilitates clients’ employee survey action planning and feedback processes. Katie earned her MA and a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the University of Tulsa.

Workforce Lifecycle Analytics Values

There are five principal values at the center of all WLA operations. These guide us not only in our everyday operations, but in our overarching goals as a business.

Workforce Lifecycle Analytics Values Teamwork And Inclusion

Teamwork & Inclusion

WLA pledges to: Ensure everyone feels safe to speak up and have their ideas heard, and contribute their unique skills and talents to the team.
Workforce Lifecycle Analytics Values Forward Thinking and Innovation

Forward Thinking Innovation

WLA pledges to: Focus on improvement and continuous learning in all that we do.
Workforce Lifecycle Analytics Values Client Servitude and Ownership

Client Servitude & Ownership

WLA pledges to: Operate for our clients as if it were our own company.
Workforce Lifecycle Analytics Values Integrity and Reputation

Integrity & Reputation

WLA pledges to: Take care of our partner companies’ reputations as if it were our own surname.
Workforce Lifecycle Analytics Values Progressive Science

Progressive Science

WLA pledges to: Utilize the application of solid methodology & science to all work.

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We would love to hear from you! Click the following link to send an email to one of our representatives and we will get back soon: Info@WorkforceLifecycle.com

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