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Bridging the Scientist-Practitioner Gap

The average HR professional has very little time to dive into dense academic and scientific research for possible ideas and solutions. Therefore, we periodically post easily-digestible summaries of some of the most relevant and influential research articles available.

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Workforce Lifecycle Analytics Original Content

We are constantly learning and growing in our own journey. Therefore, we would love to share some of our thoughts on research findings and industry trends. Likewise, we’d love for you to give us feedback on unique and entertaining ideas that could prove useful for client partners!

External Resources and Research

External Resources and Organizations That We Love

Workforce Lifecycle Analytics would not be possible without the hard work of others. We love to give credit where it is due. The following links are to organizations that we frequently visit, like SIOP and SHRM. So, if you’re in the HR or organizational development field, you may find them useful too!

Looking to collaborate on research?

I/O Psychology, data science, technology, and business growth really get us going. Undoubtedly, we geek out over interesting findings and research that we find fascinating! So, if you’re like us you might want to collaborate on a future project or article. Need a guest blogger? We would love to get on board! Send us an email at Info@WorkforceLifecycle.com

Also, we’d love to feature other guest bloggers! Brilliant ideas deserve to be shared, not monopolized. Therefore, if you’re interested in becoming a guest blogger feel free to get in touch!

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