Safety Culture & Change Management Surveys

When you start your business, you know everyone that works for you.

Names, strengths, weaknesses, personalities, you name it. Now that you’ve grown into a bigger organization, it’s harder to keep track. This is where WLA comes in.

Oftentimes, there are specific areas of interest for an organization to investigate that are critical to the company strategic plan or the other talent management initiatives. Whether this is safety, benefits satisfaction, new technology implementation, or some other kind of special initiative or event, we support our client partners in creating any kind of customized listening survey to gain critical insights.

What we do

While strategic initiatives are crucial for the competitiveness and longevity of any company, humans at their core are creatures of habit, and any change (for better or for worse) should not be taken lightly by management. For full analysis and understanding of what your company’s processes have on the employee experience and engagement, you’ll want to have additional insights to help guide important decisions.

Safety Culture soap imagery

First, we take a baseline analysis of your company’s safety culture through the use of surveying. Then, through the use of employee pulsing surveys and analysis, we are able to determine fluctuations. Improvements or declines in workforce safety can be monitored through this pulsing, often times before they manifest into the work arena.