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Your employees are telling you something. Are you truly listening?

Choose from the options above to see how using ForePsyte listening can help your business.

Your relationships with your employees start from the moment they’re hired and last until the moment they leave. While the more timid employees may be shy to speak up, we provide the tools necessary to help you truly listen to each and every member of your team.

Because you are taking the time to listen to your employees, you’re acutely aware of their sentiment. Say goodbye to the days of high turnover. Say goodbye to the days of frustrated employees who are too timid to speak their minds. Are you constantly allocating company dollars on new employee training rather than employee development? You can solve this with a greater emphasis on listening.

Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 company, you realize that a happy employee is a productive employee. Happy employees have been shown to exhibit 18% greater productivity than their unhappy counterparts.

Harvard Business Review, 2015

We use a series of action-oriented surveys to get an understanding from every employee. Once finished, we help analyze the data and determine the sentiment amongst your workforce. If needed, we then work with you to determine what is the best plan of action for your business.

In the end, you want to save your company money wherever you can. You’d even consider investing now in order to save money in the long run. By investing in your employee’s morale and sentiment, you’ll be saving money on overhead. Don’t hesitate to contact us- we would love to hear from you.

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