High-Potential Assessment & Succession Planning

Don’t let one retirement or departure steer your company off course. Have a data-driven plan in place.

As a workforce ages, grows, and develops with time it is important to make sure you are prepared to identify those that are the most competent for advancement and ensure the internal talent pipeline has a full stock of future leaders. Doing a thorough assessments of the leadership bench warmers in order to identify high potential employees is critical to succession planning and integral to an overall talent management strategy. Workforce Lifecycle Analytics partners with organizations to identify future high potential leaders, by leveraging multiple data points.

What we do

First, we perform an initial probe to help identify the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform at the next level. Then, leveraging behavioral and cognitive ability assessments, key performance indicators, skills gap analysis, and other metrics we develop profiles for potential leaders to fill the potential future leadership talent gaps.