Competency Modeling & Job Analysis

The knowledge, skills and ability of your workforce are the base from which a successful organization springs. Do you have a compentency model in place as the framework for your talent management strategy?

The first step for a strong talent management strategy begins with accurately determining what success in a role looks like. By using standardized, science-based models, you can build a foundation to grow and deliver several talent management initiatives.

Competency modeling and job analysis form the basis from which many talent management initiatives are sprung. Having a framework of knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors necessary to define successful performance for positions, job families, business units and Leadership levels is necessary for many talent management initiatives.

What we do

Before all else, we begin to collect data on incumbent employee performance, skills knowledge, and abilities. During this step, we utilize our scientifically validated model that has been developed specifically to drive performance behaviors. Competency modeling is both exhaustive in its coverage of employee behaviors and performance domains and contains a multitude of unique proficiencies that do not overlap.

By working closely with your leadership, we’re able to tap into the important behaviors that underlie talent in your organization. We distinguish between levels of performance for each competency and what behaviors align to the different competencies as you move through the various position levels.

Once in place and well-defined for both position and performance levels, the model can be used throughout your business. Job descriptions, performance management/appraisals, employee career pathing, selection systems, you name it. As a result, you’ll spend less time guessing and more time doing.

Group working on a competency modeling project